Testing and Certification

At Option Lab Wheels, we start every completed concept design off with computer simulated stress test also known as the Finite Element Analysis (FEA).  This computer simulation allows us to see where the stress point, if any, is on the wheel.  After mold completion, a small batch of wheels will be casted for testing purpose as computer simulation is merely a simulation.  We put all of our wheels through three major tests – Impact, Cornering, and Radial Fatigue.

Impact test is performed with a heavy piece of steel dropped onto the face of the wheel at an angle. This test simulates instances where the vehicle hits the curb, and the spokes must remain intact and not separated from the barrel.  The cornering test is performed by shaking the spokes laterally at high frequency to simulate the vehicle being driven through a corner at high speed/stress.  The radial test is performed with tire mounted on the wheel and spinning it for thousands of revolution to simulate the stress of the wheel on a vehicle while carrying all passengers and cargo.