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Hub Rings

Hub Rings

SKU: Hub Rings

Polycarbonate Hub Centric Rings:


These hub centric rings are designed to center the wheel on the vehicle's hub, therefore eliminating any vibration. They are manufactured from poly-carbonate plastic to the highest standards. The hub centric rings also help to prevent any damage to the vehicle's wheel and hub. They feature unique clips molded in for a solid, secure installation. Perfect for installing your set of Option Lab wheels on your vehicle.

All of the Hub rings features a 73.1mm Outer Diameter, and please choose the right Inner Diameter for your vehicle.

Ford Focus - 63.36 mm Inner Diameter
Honda - 64.15 mm Inner Diameter
Nissan - 66.06 mm Inner Diameter
Mitsubishi EVO - 67.06 mm Inner Diameter
Subaru - 56.15 mm Inner Diameter


Please specify the exact year make and model of your car when purchasing a set of our wheels. We will do our best to include a set of hub rings free of charge. While supplies last.


All Hub Rings are sold as a set of four

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