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R716 Top Secret Gold

R716 Top Secret Gold



The Top Secret Gold will be familiar to the Subaru fans. The metallic gold is a great match for your blue cars. This shiny gold shade of paint is selected to pay tribute to the golden era of Subaru’s WRC rally cars.


Available Bolt Pattern:

5x100 | 5x108 | 5x114.3


Available Size:




24.0 lb

1600 lb Load Rating



Center bore: 73.1mm for all bolt pattern

Lug Pocket: 29mm diameter w/60 degree taper conical seat



Changing the wheels will completely change the look of your car.  A set of appropriately sized wheels allows the perfect wheel and tire fitment to give your car that aggressive stance without sacrificing drivability.  The width and offset chosen for the Option Lab R716 wheel was not randomly picked.  While the 9.5 inch wide wheel width features a concave face and allows tires up to 285 section width tires to be fitted, many owners opt for the 245 or 255 section width tires that will be slightly stretched on the wheel to minimize sidewall flex experienced during hard cornering; keep in mind each tire manufacture makes their tire slightly different.

Although the wheels can be fitted on various cars, we engineered the wheels to have several vehicle specific fitments in mind.  The 18x9.5 ET22 5x114.3 is a direct fit for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, clearing the OEM Brembo brake caliper with room to spare and the Nissan 350Z.  The 18x9.5 ET35 5x114.3 fits on the 2015+ Subaru WRX and clears the OEM Brembo brake caliper on all 2005+ Impreza WRX STi.   The 18x9.5 ET35 5x100 fits on various Subaru models including the 2004 Impreza WRX STi with the OEM Brembo brake caliper.  The 5x108 bolt patterns are designed for current generation Ford Focus ST and Focus RS which have a very limited selection of aftermarket wheels.


Fit & Finish:

While many of our competitors overlook small details like this, we always mask the lug pocket opening on our wheels prior to painting it.  You may wonder why this is important.  The reason being if there was paint on the lug pocket, then the lug nuts could break the thin layer of paint and they could potentially come loose.

Functionality is important to us.  The Option Lab R716 features a wide lug opening that does not require the use of smaller diameter tuner lug nuts.  All of our wheels have a 60 degree tapered lug seat also known as conical seat; if your OEM lug nuts have a flange type seat or ball seat, please source a set of lug nuts with conical seat and correct thread pitch.

  • Warranty

    Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

    1-Year Warranty on Paint Finishes

  • TPMS

    All Option Lab wheels are designed to accept most OEM and aftermarket replacement Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS) along with any standard rubber or metal valve stems.

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