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S718 Custom Finish

S718 Custom Finish

SKU: S718Custom


You can pick any custom color you want with a set of the S718. If you need help deciding on which color to chose from, contact us and someone from the team will be able to assist you. Here are a few examples of colors we have done:


•Candy Red - This is a glossy red that gives off a very rich vibrant color. If you are looking for an exact red color wheel this would be your option.

•Desert Bronze - A mixture of Bronze and yellow. This bronze color has small tint of yellow under certain light conditions. This color is lighter than our Formula Bronze and it has a glossy finish.


•Hybrid Teal - Teal is a medium-dark shade of blue-green and can look different depending on the lighting. On a car wheel, it would appear as a deep blue-green with hints of gray or black, almost like a dark ocean or pool with a hint of blue sky.

•Illusion Purple - It is a glossy purple that really stands out under certain light conditions and maintains a dark sleek look at night.


We require a turn around time of 4 weeks after confirmation of the color.


Available Bolt Pattern:



Available Size:




26.7 lb1600 lb Load Rating


Misc:Center bore: 73.1mm

Lug Pocket: 29mm diameter w/60 degree taper conical seat



Changing the wheels will completely change the look of your car. A set of appropriately sized wheels allows the perfect wheel and tire fitment to give your car that aggressive stance without sacrificing drivability. The width and offset chosen for the Option Lab S718 wheel was not randomly picked. While the 9.5 inch wide wheel width features a 2.5 inch lip and allows tires up to 285 section width tires to be fitted, many owners opt for the 245 or 255 section width tires that will be slightly stretched on the wheel to minimize sidewall flex experienced during hard cornering; keep in mind each tire manufacture makes their tire slightly different.

The Option Lab S718 features a wide lug opening that does not require the use of smaller diameter tuner lug nuts. All of our wheels have a 60 degree tapered lug seat also known as conical seat; if your OEM lug nuts have a flange type seat or ball seat, please source a set of lug nuts with conical seat and correct thread pitch.

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