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Paint Finish on Option Lab Wheels

Most of the aftermarket aluminum alloy wheels you find on the market will have a painted finish.  You will also find wheels that are polished, anodized, and chromed with either liquid coating or Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD Chrome) aka Vacuum Chrome.

What sets each Option Lab Wheel apart from the competition is our 3-stage paint process; after each wheel comes off the CNC machine, it is laid on a conveyor belt with the lug pocket covered.  While the wheels are on the belt, a spinner spins the wheel at a constant pace to allow the robotic arm to spray a coat of primer onto the wheel from various angles which allows the paint to stick to the bare metal surface. The robotic arm has a huge advantage over human operation in consistency; this minimizes the chance of uneven coating such as drips or unpainted surface.  Then, each wheel will move through an oven to cure the primer.  Afterwards, multiple coats of automotive paint will be sprayed through a High Velocity Low Pressure gun similar to painting of a car.  After the paint has once again cured through the oven, clear coat is applied to prevent discoloring, rust or corrosion on the wheel.  The procedure is also similar to that of Powder Coating, but liquid paint is used instead of powder.

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